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Ordering 4.0: Meraxis Introduces Automated Orders

Muri b. Bern/Switzerland, October 19, 2021 – The Swiss trading group Meraxis is now offering its customers automated order management for prime and recycled materials. Its new VMI (vendor-managed inventory) service, «Ordering 4.0», will allow the polymer distributor to simplify the procurement process and optimize inventories and orders, making processes more reliable and minimizing failure risks.

The digital «Ordering 4.0» solution will be used to transmit data on customers' filling and material levels to Meraxis on a regular basis, for example using sensors in raw material silos. As soon as the fill level falls below a defined mark, the material is automatically reordered with an ideal delivery time. "Smart ordering optimizes inventory and delivery cycles," says Michael Grysczyk, Manager of Digital & Disruptive Business at Meraxis. "This allows us to ensure that our customers never run out of material and always have optimum stock levels. Customers benefit from processes that require less effort and are more reliable."

The new service is being implemented in close cooperation with the company’s customers, with Meraxis' logistics experts first of all working hand-in-hand with the company concerned to review all of the relevant re­quire­ments. These include, for example, material consumption, batch size and replenishment times, but also re­quire­ments such as the available storage space, the size and number of silos, and the measurement technology available. If necessary, Meraxis installs sensors in the customer silos that use a gateway to transmit the fill level to cloud software. Once the setup process is complete, Meraxis checks the customer's material stocks in real time and arranges the necessary deliveries at the ideal time.

«Ordering 4.0» is connected to the digital Meraxis «Customer Portal», where customers can view scheduled and completed deliveries at any time. As well as information on all orders, the portal also stores contracts and related data such as product documents, order confirmations and invoices centrally. It also makes market information available. "Our goal is to achieve a truly connected supply chain, i.e. a digital supply chain that is interconnected, transparent and automated," says Dr. Stefan Girschik, CEO of Meraxis. "This is all the more important because challenges such as material shortages or extreme weather events will continue to put pressure on global supply chains in the future. Smart and digital solutions are the key to greater efficiency and, above all, resilience. This is something we are working on continuously at Meraxis. By way of example, we are currently in the process of developing a digital track & trace solution to track deliveries."

Digital solutions like these are being created in the «Meraxis Elevator» innovation network. Working hand-in-hand with customers, suppliers and other partners, such as the INC Invention Center at RWTH Aachen University, Meraxis is using the network to work on digital services in the polymer processing industry value chain. Among other things, the aim is to make supply chains as resilient as possible, to optimize ordering processes, and to reduce process and logistics costs.

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Ordering 4.0: Meraxis Introduces Automated Orders

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Dr. Stefan Girschik, CEO Meraxis

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